How to reduce the use of paper almost 100% in my business establishment

Although it may not seem like it, the environmental effects of paper on the planet due to its inconsistent use are actually causing negative effects on nature, mainly stemming from the large amounts of cellulose (plant material) required for its production. Although that thin sheet made from cellulose pulp seems small to us, its importance […]

7 recommendations to manage perishables in your establishment

The loss of products and supplies not only generates economic losses, but also reduces the security and confidence of our customers in our business. To solve this problem, the following 7 recommendations for handling perishable products will help avoid the loss of expired merchandise in any business: EPSP SYSTEM The FIFO (first in, first out) […]

Reasons why you should switch to Digital Menu

As technology is rapidly evolving, the demands and needs of customers are changing accordingly. Increasingly, people are considering digital solutions instead of traditional practices. As millennials enter their peak spending years, industries across sectors are beginning to digitize their business model to keep up with changing demographics and trends. This rapid transformation will also change […]